Sunday, 15 May 2016

Brand Focus: Estee Lauder

So I sat down to finally finish this post today and realised I started this back in March which is preeeettty bad of me.

The last couple of months have been a bit crazy busy for me in terms of my free time to actually sit down and do stuff, but now I have braces and will be a social recluse for the next 6-12 months maybe I'll actually start being consistent with this.

If you've ever read my really early posts on this blog you'll have probably noticed one of my favourite make up brands was YSL.

Although I'm still a fan of the brand, that love has been replaced over time with a much deeper love for Estee Lauder.

When going through my products recently and having a bit of a clear out, I noticed that literally everything I used was Estee Lauder and if it wasn't it was Bobbi Brown.

So I thought I would do a little brand appreciation post and talk through some of my most treasured items...

1. Colour Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow and Pure Colour Blush - Unfortunately I haven't done swatches of this palette but this is my trusty staple to take away with me for any weekend. It has a gorgeous array of nudes in matte and shimmer as well as dark aubergine and deep browns, brilliant for creating a neutral eye or something a bit bolder.

2. Illuminating Perfecting Primer - I love this primer, if for nothing else for the fact that it helps double wear to sit so nicely. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and creates the perfect base for my foundation. Double wear does have the potential to look a bit cakey if not applied properly but this helps to prevent all of that. 

3. Sumptuous Extreme Multiplying Mascara - Does exactly what it says on the tin, creates beautiful lashes minus the spider affect!

4. Limited Edition All Over Shimmer - In the past I haven't really done blusher simply because I never liked how it looked on me especially pink blushers, but this blusher is just perfect. It's a nice subtle coral/pink which blends naturally with my contour. I'm hoping Estee Lauder will do something similar to replace it once its all gone...

5. Double Wear, 2N1 Desert Beige - Nothing beats this foundation in my mind, it covers up a multitude of sins and stays all day. When I'm drunk or being gross and don't take my make-up off before bed, I wake up with a full face almost passable for round two.. Not that you'd want to.

6. Pure Colour Lipstick in Rose Tea - This goregous neutral pinky shade is perfect for any occasion. I absolutely love this colour, it's one of my favourites along with my YSL number 6, both trusty handbag staples.

7. Pure Colour Nude Rose Shine - I'm not a huge fan of pink lipsticks or glosses but this nude rose is a beautiful every day colour much like the rose tea. I use this on top of my nude lipsticks sometimes to give it a bit of gloss or simply on its own.

8. Pure Colour Nail Laquer in Heart Beet - When it comes to nail varnish I'm not overly brave, but I do love black or deep vampy colours. This deep purple is definitely more Autumn/Winter but could still work with the right look like time of year.

So they were some of my most loved Estee Lauder Products from my collection, what are your favourites? Or are you passionate about another brand? Leave me a comment below!

Thanks for reading....


  1. Love the sound of the primer! Might have to have a mooch next time I'm at a counter!
    Would love for you to check out my blog if you have the chance :)