Sunday, 12 July 2015

New to my hair care....

I was all about the Argan Oil craze so whenever I see a similar oil based product for my hair I always give it a try.

I noticed these two Kukui Oil products in the Ogx range a few months ago and have been using them religiously ever since. Kukui Oil has great benefits for the skin and scalp as it can be easily absorbed and forms a protective barrier, it's said to be particularly good for dry, sore, or burnt skin and has even been recommended for use on eczema or psoriasis. This is really appealing to me as I now suffer with a really dry scalp which drives me mental!

Another great benefit is that these 2 products are sulphate free.

I was also recommended to try Castor oil on my sore scalp as this has similar healing properties as well as enhancing growth and thickness. If you haven't used Castor oil before, it is extremely thick and gloopy so I would definitely use this as a treatment product rather than a styling product.

I tend to apply this to my damp hair concentrating on the scalp and leave in over night (or as a 10 minute treatment), I then wash out in the morning. As it is so thick, you really need to massage the shampoo into the hair and scalp, depending on the quality of your shampoo this can sometimes take a few washes! However the benefits are incredible, my hair feels much thicker and it keeps my dry scalp at bay.

You can also make your own sprays and treatments by mixing this in bottles with water and/or other oils such as coconut oil and jojoba oil, and you can even rub a small amount on your eyelids to enhance eyelash growth! Before putting a product anywhere near your eyes and face I would always recommend patch testing behind your ear or on the inside of your arm first.

What are your favourite hair care products? Do you have any special remedies or treatments for soothing the scalp or enhancing hair growth? Please leave me a comment....

Thanks for reading!

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