Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Back For Good, For Now.

So after dropping off the blogosphere for what's been about 3 months now I've decided to get back into blogging again, for good.. well for now. I say this because I'm not going to make promises to myself and pressure myself into continuing with this because for me it's just a hobby, not a career. I do it because Its something that I enjoy doing and would hate for it to become a chore. 

You may be curious as to why I stopped altogether for a while and it's not something I wish to go into huge detail about out of respect for my personal life.. but lets just say in the last few months or so I've been going through some tough adjustments which led me from having some sort of life plan to having no plan. It panicked me because I felt like for the first time In a long time I had it together, I knew what I was doing and In a single moment it had been ripped from underneath me and I was back to having no direction as to where my life was going.

To put it bluntly, It's been real shit and quite frankly the last thing I was arsed about doing was blogging.

But I got a big kick up the bum to get back into it when I was contacted by a few people asking me if I wanted to test products and take part in other blog related things, which felt strange cause I hadn't been on here for what seemed like so long. It reminded me of why I loved doing it and that clearly there are a small number of people out there that read this and like what I do. Slowly but surely I'm beginning to piece things back together and shape some sort of future and I hope that my blogging can continue to be a part of that.

So for now I'm back with a little bit more direction... but not much more of a clue.