Saturday, 10 May 2014

Free From Frizz

The lovely people at Free From Frizz & Media Hubb were kind enough to send me a few of their products to try last month, so after using them (quite a bit as you can see) I thought I'd share with you how I got on what I thought etc. So essentially a review?.. 

Now a little unknown fact about me (unknown if you haven't seen me in the mornings) Is that I have the most ridiculous curly frizzy thick hair. Its by no means long, just an un-tame mane. This gets particularly bad if its left to dry naturally and in hot humid weather. So you can imagine my delight when I received this in the post just in time for me to go to Barcelona, where it was predicted 82% humidity.

So I started with the 6 week blow out treatment that claims to leave hair 'free from frizz' for up to 6 weeks using patent pending technology including floraceuticals and keratin to smooth the hair without the use of harsh chemicals. This helps to conquer the frizz, block humidity and leave the hair feeling silky soft. Already sounds like my kinda product. 

The kit is super easy to use and comes with clear instructions which i'll briefly skim over.... 

  • Firstly you cleanse your hair twice and comb through with the pre cleanser and brush provided but Don't condition. 
  • Next towel dry and section the hair into 3 before applying the keratin treatment over the hair brushing down as you go. 
  • Allow treatment 30-40 minutes to absorb and rinse with warm water, towel dry/blow dry hair before straightening taking care to make sure each hair strand is straightened but avoid over heating. 
  • Make sure hair is left down and not washed for 48 hours (Don't make plans to leave the house or anything).

It is highly important the instructions are followed carefully as this is a chemical treatment so treat it as if you are applying a home dye and that leaving on too long/over heating etc will frazzle your hair. 

This has honestly worked wonders for my hair! I was actually able to wear it down in a hot/humid country which never happens, my hair always becomes too frizzy and I have to put it up. And the longer time has gone on, the better it seems to be getting! I haven't had to straighten my hair much if at all after washing and it feels soft and healthy. I'm genuinely thrilled with the results and how well behaved my hair has been since applying the treatment. 

I've been following up the treatment using the shampoo and conditioner, which smells amazing by the way, and is advised as it helps prolong the effects of the treatment. It definitely leaves my hair feeling silky soft and helps to battle the trauma of the frizz on a daily basis. I also love the fact this is for thick hair as since the condition of my hair has improved (after bleaching it to death) it's thickened up loads so my choices in shampoo has had to change some what as light weight airy fairy stuff just won't cut it any more. 

I would highly recommend anyone who suffers from a crazy mane like mine to try this because the results speak for themselves and the smell is heaven. Free From Frizz 6 week blowout mango kit for thick/coarse hair currently retails in boots for £14.99, whilst the shampoo and conditioner for £5.99 each. Fear not, if your hair is not thick they also offer a treatment, shampoo and conditioner for normal/fine hair. Alternatively you can visit their website by clicking here, where you can buy the treatment AND the shampoo and conditioner all together for the bargain price of £26.97. 
I will say ( In a pointy index finger/mum kinda way) that the instructions are there for a reason and to follow them to the T. Over saturating and leaving this product on for longer is not the same as it would be if you were using a conditioning treatment, it does involve chemicals!! Please please, don't kill/frazzle/break your hair.

Lecture aside, I hope you enjoyed reading my little review, please feel free to leave me a comment.. Have you tried any of the products from the free from frizz range? If so how did you get on? Do you know any other products that work just as well? If so.... TELL ME! 

Thanks for reading, 

Ash xxx

*Disclaimer* Although this product was sent to me, the opinions in this post are honest and solely my own, If I do not like a product I simply won't review it. 


  1. My hair's super damaged from bleaching T_T And I've been using any treatments for a few months so far, and still looking for the right one! Very helpful post for me lovely! xx

  2. I saw this product accidentally and like you my mane is just out of control. I've bought it and really hope it works. I use to work in the salon and it's like the Brazilian blow drys, really hope to get similar results