Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Barcelona: OOTD

Hola! Hola! I am back from the beautiful Barcelona which I am truly gutted about! I had an amazing time, there was so much to do and the weather as you can see from the photo's was glorious.. I will be doing a post on some of the places we visited, and little tips etc etc if you are planning on going anytime soon, or just need some persuading. 

These photo's were taken on mine and Jays first full day out exploring when we went to go see the Sagrada Familia, which is this incredible unfinished roman catholic church. The church has been under construction since 1883 and is still being finished under the many influences of different architects and designers. If you go to Barcelona this is a must see because it's a phenomenal building/work of art.  

But as aforementioned I will be doing a much more detailed post on all the touristy bits, for now this post much more superficial/fashion based.... 

What I'm wearing.... 

Fedora Hat: Boohoo
Sunglasses: Vintage Shop (Jemporium, Cambridge)
Playsuit: Boohoo
Platform Sandals: Topshop
Bag (which you can't see!): Primark

I was so happy that the weather was nice and hot so I got to wear this playsuit which I am in love with! 
Apologies for not being able to see the bag in these photo's, you can check that out in my previous post

Thanks for reading.. 

Ash xx


  1. Looking gorgeousss, love this flatforms xxx

    1. Thanks, I bought them last year and haven't really made the most of them until now..

      I think topshop are still doing something very similar though

      Ash xxx

  2. This is such a pretty playsuit!!! Love it :)

    Layla xx


    1. Thankyou, I love it too.. Boohoo are doing some lovely stuff at the moment. Especially for summer.

      Ash xxx