Saturday, 26 April 2014

Holiday Haul

I'm going to Barcelona on Tuesday which I'm soooo excited about. After working so much recently this is a well needed break and I've never been before so that's always fun.

I've actually been pretty organised (for me) as I usually always leave everything to the last minute and decide there is a million things I need that I haven't got and have no time to buy and I stress over what to pack etc etc... But this time I have got my bum in gear and I'm actually pretty much all set.

So I thought I'd share with you some of the things I've bought to take away with me. I wanted to try and spend as little as possible so I had more money to spend in Barcelona and I think I've done alright for someone who has a bit of a spending problem......

From I picked up these two really cute swing playsuits which were both £12. I'm not too sure how hot it will actually be over there but I can always layer them with a cardigan or something. I also got this black fedora hat which I love and I think would look really nice with both the playsuits. This was also really cheap at just £10.

Left to Right: Kia Knitted ZigZag Swing Playsuit, Rhea Black Checked Swing Playsuit

Lola Ribbon Band Fedora Hat

Then from Primark I picked up this gorgeous white midi skirt as I thought it would look nice both during the day and in the evening. Another bargain for only £10. And I've had a bit of a clear out recently and realised I don't really have any small day time bags so I picked this little black shoulder bag for just £4.

These bikini's were soooo cheap. The turquoise one cost just £4 and the black one was only £3... I'm not too sure if it will be hot enough to sun bathe but you can never be too prepared (and I'm desperate for a tan).

And finally something I actually needed was a washbag for all my toiletries as every single on of mine appears to have a broken zip. So I got this which I thought was really nice and it has a little hook so you can hang it and get to all your stuff really easily. This was only £4.

So that was my little holiday haul, It actually feels like I haven't bought that many things, (my inner spend-a-holic talking).

As always please leave comments below, I always like replying to them.. and if you've been to Barcelona feel free to give me recommendations, advise, etc.. like are the pavements too cobbly to wear heels, are their any good beaches, resturants, bars.. Please please write below.

Thanks for reading,

Ash xxx

Sunday, 20 April 2014

27 things that happen on a girls night out.

It's girls night, that one night a month all the girls get together to get shit faced on cheap rose and jagerbombs and party the night away. And what better way to embrace the tradition of 'the girls night' than to list all the things that make it truly spectacular? So without further a do here are 27 things that most definitely happen on a night out with the girls.....

1) The day begins with a series of statuses and tweets about the 'big night out'

2) And most importantly... Texts asking the question on everyone's lips 'What are you wearing?!?'

3) There's always the one friend who gets ready in like 20 minutes...

4) And the other friend that takes like 6 hours.

5) SELFIE - the first of many, to show off that at the beginning of the night you looked pretty reasonable.

6) A sacred pact is made at pre drinks where by all girls agree that it is strictly a girls night and no one is to spend their evening obsessing over boys.


8) That unfortunate friend who doesn't even make it out..

9) Whilst in the club awkward stares are exchanged with arch nemesis girls who we're not overly sure why we actually hate in the first place.

10) You're 'jam' comes on, resulting in excited squeals and some seriously killer dance moves that you totally haven't practiced.

11) The sacred pact is broken.

12) Lets all cram in a toilet together and chat while we watch each other pee.


14) Better add that to my snapchat story too....

15) There's always that one friend who goes missing...

16) And the one friend who cries, most likely over some boy who doesn't like her or just because she loves you girls so fucking much.

17) The friend that falls over on the dance floor.. cringe.

18) And that friend that shamelessly flirts with everyone and anyone.

19) The friend that can't handle their drink.

20) And that patron saint friend who ends up looking after everyone. We truly thank you.

21) A drunken text or several plus phone calls will be made undoubtedly to someone your sober brain wouldn't want you to contact. Generally these are crushes/ex's or parents. It's okay, your phone probably just pocket dialed them like 20 times.

22) Oh hey random creepy guy that's about 10 years older than all of us, I was wondering when you'd show up and try and dance your way into our circle..

23) At this point someones definitely lost their phone. More devastatingly before they had a chance to upload all those selfies to instagram.

24) That missing friend appears.

25) Kebabs, cheesy chips or if you're feeling particularly flashy dominoes are consumed.

26) That skincare ritual that you're oh so vigilant with goes straight out the window, you can't even operate a face wipe right now.

27) And last but by no means least for some of us the night really ends the following morning in the walk of shame/ strut of the slut/ the stride of pride/ the run of relief.. After all,  It's a strong look.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Feel Unique and Body Shop Haul

Apologies for the very delayed post, I felt like I was on a roll but recently I've been working/studying/ill so that hasn't left me much time to put a post together.

But I'm back and feeling much better so I thought I'd share some of the things I've bought recently..

Usually on the run up to payday I find myself trawling through beauty and fashion websites sizing up what I'm going to purchase when my money comes in at midnight every Friday. A couple of weeks ago I suddenly realised that I hadn't purchased anything from the Tanya Burr range (sacrilege I know).

So I purchased a nail varnish in the shade 'Mischief Managed', and two lipglosses; 'Picnic in the Park' and 'Vampire Kiss'

My terrible nail painting skills aside, the Mischief Managed shade is a gorgeous summer red colour and best of all it took about a week before I started to notice any obvious chipping.
I chose 'Vampire Kiss' because I love red lip colours of all kinds, I've found it to be very similar to my YSL lip lacquer in shade 10. I also got 'Picnic in the Park' because it looked so lovely in Tanya Burrs photos and I wanted something a bit more neutral for every day wear. The formula of the glosses is brilliant, they're very moisturising and have great staying power.

I'm still on my mission to improve my skin care so I purchased some more products to add to my collection...

 Once again late on the bandwagon with this one but I've heard so much about the wonders of Rosehip oil I couldn't not pick up this serum. And it was so cheap, I think it was only around £13. I won't bore you too much with the science but according to Trilogy studies have shown their Rosehip oil visibly improves the appearance of scars (41%), stretch marks (43%) and fine lines and wrinkles (23%). These aren't generally problems I am facing at present however I'm a great believer in that prevention is better than cure, and these properties aside Rosehip oil also helps to moisturise, nourish and soften the skin.

I've been using it by applying 3 drops to my face every morning and It has been leaving my skin feeling amazingly soft.

And last but not least I went into body shop as I was enticed by the promise of amazing offers in the window, and of course they did not disappoint.

What should have been about £24, this was actually £16 *(£14 with my loyalty card). The vitamin E overnight serum in oil is one of the newer products in the range. It claims to be 8 hours beauty sleep for your skin by replenishing and recharging the skin helping it to look more radiant in the mornings. Although I've only been using this a couple of weeks I can really notice the difference in my skin. Not only does it feel so soft but It looks much healthier recently.

The Vitamin E sink in moisture mask if I'm not wrong is a best seller at the body shop. I've used it a couple of times already and I love it. I apply a layer to my skin after removing all my make up and literally let it all sink in. It is unbelievably hydrating and the effects are really long lasting so It's probably going to last me ages which is always good.

So that's everything from my haul, I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I've bought. Have you purchased and used any of these products? If so what did you think? I love reading and responding to all your comments so please drop me one below.

Thanks for reading,

Ash xx