Thursday, 30 January 2014

Whats On My Face #1

My first 'WOMF' post isn't a make-up look I did for a special occasion, in fact for me it's pretty stripped back as I'm not wearing any eye shadow. I've also used a bit of a mixture of high end products and drug store products for this look, some of which I'll review at some point in the near future. 
Big apologies for the grainy quality of my face photo, for some reason every time I upload it to blogger it comes out like that, so I had to work with it.....

Base: Maybelline Baby Skin light weight primer // Collection Lasting Perfection concealer In shade warm medium //  YSL Youth Liberator Serum de Teint in shade BD50 // Rimmel London Clear Complexion powder in translucent // Benefit Miss Popularity precision highlighter

Colour: Bare Minerals Ready bronzer in the high dive // Mac Blusher in blazing haute

Eyes: YSL Babydoll mascara in shade 1 // Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner // Maybelline Master Drama khol liner in dark brown // W7 brow bar shade 3

Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in juicy papaya 

Hope you enjoyed my first 'WOMF' post, If I do another I'll hopefully have a look that's a bit more exciting. Please leave me a comment below, I always read and reply to every comment on my posts.

Thanks for reading, Ash xx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Nip + Fab Deep Cleansing Fix & Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm

So I'm pretty late on the band wagon in the 'world of beauty blogging' when it comes to hot cloth cleansers etc. So in the last couple of months I picked up these two, the Nip + Fab deep cleansing fix and the constantly raved about Emma Hardie amazing face, which are both at different price regions, as well as having different ingredients, consistency's and uses.

So firstly I got the Nip + Fab deep cleansing fix from Superdrug which was super cheap, It was only £7.95 and I also picked up some plain white flannels which you can see in the background of the photo. I think these were on offer for like buy one get one free, so I bought quite a few as skin care genius Caroline Hirons is always talking about the importance of cleaning your face properly with fresh cloths!

The deep cleansing fix promises to be a multi purpose cleanser which melts away your make-up and deeply cleanses your pores. It contains sweet almond milk which helps to smooth and nourish as well as tea tree (which smells amazing) to cleanse the pores. As I'm hoping you can see from the photos this one is a cream like consistency so Its nice enough to apply, I simply massage into my face dry (another Hirons tip), and wipe away with a flannel rinsed in hot water. For taking off make-up it is brilliant, the only criticism  I would say is that it doesn't always take away all my eye make up. But as aforementioned this cleansing balm claims to have multiple uses; you can apply a layer for 10 minutes as a face mask, over night as an intense treatment and  you  can apply small amounts to blemishes.

As a 10 minute face mask, again it works great but strangely as an over night treatment my face didn't feel particularly hydrated the next day. I did notice a slight improvement on blemishes but not huge but that could just be my skin as I've always suffered with redness around my nose.  Overall I think it's a great cleanser and you get so much of it and for so cheaply as well, I know this is going to last me ages as you only need to use a small amount and the tub is huge!

So late with this one, it's slightly embarrassing but It is by far my favourite cleanser right now! I purchased this on Feel Unique just after Christmas as It went into sale and while I believe investing in great skin care is definitely worth it, I'm not gonna argue with a great discount. I can't remember exactly but I think It was around £24 -£25 so a £10 drop from the usual price of £34 for 100ml.

This balm is more of a gel like consistency. It contains Moringa seeds (I believe Moringa is a plant) as well as wild sea fennel and vitamin E to help minimise the appearance of pores, like the deep cleansing fix it does also contain sweet almond but more importantly it contains orange and mandarin extracts as well as jasmine and rose to replenish dull and dehydrated skin. I apply exactly the same as the deep cleansing fix and massage into my face and neck and it melts away ALL make-up (even my stubborn eye make-up). The orange and mandarin extracts help to give it, its amazing fresh smell and my skin always feels really soft afterwards. This can also be used as an over night face mask and I've found this works a lot better and my skin definitely feels the benefit the next day in comparison to the deep cleansing fix.

And not necessarily the most important but the packaging is certainly a lot better and It comes in a nice little box as well. Although at the original price of £34 it may be a little steep for some peoples budgets you definitely get a lot for your money and the quality is fantastic.

Out of the two it's obvious my clear favourite is the Emma Hardie amazing face balm, however the Nip + Fab deep cleansing fix is a great budget beauty buy.

As always please feel free to leave a comment below, it's always nice to read what you think of my posts and what you think of the products If you've tried them as well. Thanks for reading..

Ash x

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Pre Christmas Zara, Topshop & ASOS Haul

So I was a bit naughty before Christmas and decided to treat myself after all my hard work buying for everyone else and I realise I didn't actually post any of it on here before Christmas so I decided to do a small post on it now just so you can have a little look at what I bought...

So first of all from Topshop I got these really cute little shoes that kind of remind me of my old school shoes from when I was really little but I absolutely love them, and some frilly socks to go with them.

Then I got this really cool shirt which I wore Christmas day, It probably is a bit flowery for this time of year but I think its awesome and coincidentally goes very well with the leggings I bought.

Then I went into Zara and picked up they leather look leggings which are really comfortable and pretty much go with everything. I seem to be collecting a lot of leather look and ultra shiny leggings at the moment I think I have a bit of an obsession. 

And last but not least I went onto ASOS and purchased a cropped black long sleeve t shirt and an over-sized plain white t shirt, a lot of people seem to think ASOS is really expensive and although they sell a lot of high end stuff I always manage to find stuff that's really good value for money. I think the two together only came to like £26 or something. 

I hope you enjoyed look at some of the things I got even if it was a bit naughty of me.. Maybe some of you also treated yourself around Christmas so I feel a lot less guilty!

Please leave me a comment below, Its always encouraging to know people are actually reading these posts and that I'm not just talking to myself like a complete loon!

Thanks again,

Ash x