Monday, 30 December 2013

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation


I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got lots of lovely presents and ate as much food as I did so I feel slightly less guilty about the ridiculous amount of food I've eaten over the festive period.

That aside I wanted to do a little post on the Rimmel match perfection foundation. As I've mentioned In previous posts my favourite foundation is Teint Resist by YSL, which I've recently found out is being discontinued and replaced by a different one, which makes me sad but I'm also very excited to try the replacement... Aaaanyway although I love that foundation I do like to try out others as Its always nice to have a few foundations in your collection and I always like experimenting with high street brands to see if there's anything that is as good as the more expensive ones.

So I decided to give the match perfection a go as I really like the Rimmel wake me up foundation, and I've actually found I like this one a lot lot more! It illuminates the skin whilst not being too shimmery like the wake me up foundation and still maintains a flawless coverage. I went for the shade true Ivory as I found this matched my colour the best and was most similar to the shade I use in YSL.  

This is definitely more appropriate for Autumn/Winter over the wake me up as It's not as highlighting, but I'd probably continue to use it all year round anyway because Its just a really lovely foundation. 
I also like the fact it isn't as scented as other high street foundations so It also has that more expensive appeal. I would probably go as far as to say if I didn't know better I could easily mistake this for a more expensive brand so for the bargain price of £6.99 you can't really go wrong!

So If you're on a bit of a budget, particularly after Christmas like me, or you'd just like to try something new I would highly recommend the Match Perfection.

I hope you enjoyed my quick review of that, please leave me a comment below. If you've tried it tell me what you think. 


Ash x


  1. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. I think I'm already following your blog?



  2. I've never tried a Rimmel foundation before but maybe I should because this sounds lovely and I'm in need of a new base! Loved your last post by the way, don't watch MIC but bullying is always unacceptable. It's awful how that girl is proud of being horrible, judging by her Twitter account! I agree with you, these girls are role models and they should behave better.

    By the way my nails were Pirate and my lipstick was Rouge Allure Velvet in La Lascinante xxx

    1. Yeah I was really happy with it as I normally use quite expensive foundations but this is just as good as some of those ones I've used. You should definitely give it a go.

      Its such a shame about Made in Chelsea because I love the show but that episode was so uncomfortable to watch! Glad you liked reading the post, Its had a surprising number of views which I'm hoping is a good thing.

      Ah thanks, they looked so lovely on you.. Will have to give them a try!