Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Made in Chelsea, Bullying and Victoria Vs Cheska & Lucy

So after watching last nights episode of Made in Chelsea and having some time to reflect on the huge argument that erupted I thought I'd do a small blog post.

Now before anyone states the obvious, I am aware that Made in Chelsea is a staged reality TV show with some scenes set up for viewing entertainment. I am also aware that editing makes it very difficult to make an accurate judgement on situations. 

However last nights episode struck a chord in me after watching what I can only describe as vile and malicious bullying. If you are not a fan of the show or did not watch last nights episode, a Christmas dinner party which main cast members attended soon turned sour as feuding cast members Victoria, Cheska and Lucy had a huge row across the banquet table. 
After watching prior episodes, it is difficult to pin point exactly what this feud is based on other than Victoria's persistence to make vulgar comments mainly on peoples appearance, but again with editing this is merely an assumption. 

But based on what we can see, It does appear that Cheska has become the victim of a 'school girl-esq' bullying attack. From what has been aired Cheska merely stuck up for herself and other people who had fallen victim to Victoria's acid tongue, to which Victoria's response has been simply to laugh it off with her side kick Sophie Herman and come back with more spiteful remarks.
It then all came to a head last night ending with Victoria once again causing conflict by making rude remarks about Lucy's breath and ended with her referring to Cheska as a "fat turkey". 

It is no secret that girls can be notorious for bitchyness and do not always get on but it is NEVER okay to make these sorts of comments, especially when you're in the spot light and you are role models to others. This is not to brush over the fact that Victoria was also called anorexic which is equally as offensive. 
I feel like I'm making such a Mum statement when I say 'at their age you would think they would know better'. 

Some of the responsibility should also be shared with the production team, as much as we adore Made in Chelsea for its drama and bust ups, bullying is a whole other ball game and frankly for the first time ever I found it uncomfortable to watch. 

With the show being such a hit in the UK and millions of people tuning in every Monday, it does concern me slightly what influence this could have particularly on young female viewers. 
It's no secret that Victoria Baker-Harber appears to show no remorse for her bitchy ways and this is further backed up by her responses to the show via her twitter account. 
However whilst scrolling through her twitter feed I couldn't help but notice a considerable number of retweets of her fans comments. Some were just remarking on her incredible dress sense but more disturbingly there appeared to be a lot of young girls posting images and memes under things like 'Things Victoria would say' and 'This reminded me of you'. Other young girls are defending her comments by saying she speaks the truth and the others need to get over it. 
By retweeting this she is essentially encouraging these young girls and making it seem okay to make these sorts of comments to others which is completely unacceptable and disgusting. 

I was fortunate enough in my school years to have a good group of friends and although I would never say I was bullied as such I certainly didn't escape comments from other girls AND boys regarding my appearance because I was 'Too skinny', I didn't have boobs, my nose is slightly on the larger side and I had to wear braces for nearly two years because I had a bloody great gap between my two front teeth. But none of those things reflected who I was as a person, people just simply didn't like the look of me and some how by saying those things it gave them some sense of satisfaction. 

I would like to think that on reflection of that episode the cast members involved in the spat have looked back and realised what they said to each other and about each other was completely wrong and realise as adults and role models to others that they should take more care to demonstrate good moral fibre and being nice to each other. Trying to "own" being a bitch is one thing Victoria but there is a fine line between bitchyness and bullying. Encouraging it and showing no remorse on your twitter feed is not cool and for that you should be ashamed of yourself. 

Making comments about someone looking anorexic is equally as bad and not a warped attempt at a compliment, It is a serious condition and using it in a negative connotation to someone else is totally irresponsible. Don't make me get up your grill again Lucy! 

One post from me isn't going to change the world and put an end to bullying and bitchyness, but by highlighting it may make some people at least think before they speak. I can almost guarantee most people wouldn't class themselves as a bully but when you think about it there has probably, infact there has definitely been a time when you've said something either to someones face or behind their back which was completely unnecessary and hurtful. 

Now I feel much better for getting that little rant off my chest, sorry if It's brought a bit of a downer on your Christmas but I hope you've some what enjoyed reading. Please leave a comment below, as always I'd love to hear what you think. 

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Ash x

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