Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Body Shop Sea Weed Skin Care

In the midst of all that I've had going on I have managed to find time to go out and buy a few bits here and there. One of my most recent purchases was this little skin care range for the bargain price of £10. What may not be apparent in the photo is that all the products are in fact miniature size, the reason I purchased these instead of the individual full sized products was that I wasn't sure If I would like them and this way I get to sample a few from the range. 
The body shop also offer these in other ranges like aloe vera for sensitive skin and there was one for dry skin which may have been vitamin e, but I can't remember. 

Anyway I went for sea weed as this was recommended for oily-combination skin. The set includes a cleansing facial wash, toner, a mattifying day cream and a night treatment. 

The cleansing facial wash is quite mild, but It removes the majority of my make-up and leaves my skin with a tingly clean feeling. I'll then follow it up with the toner to remove any excess make up but I'll still use my No.7 eye make up remover just to remove any lasting mascara or eyeliner so I don't wake up with panda eyes. Because this range is for combo/oily skin it is designed to balance moisture and sebum levels in the skin and I have noticed it leaves you with a lovely soft matte finish which is great in the morning before you apply your makeup as it gives you a nice base to work with. 

I love the day cream as it absorbs really quickly into the skin so you don't have to wait ages for it to soak in. Its kind of gel like but a cream if that makes any sense? Again it leaves you with that tingly feeling so your skin feels lovely and fresh, and as suggested in the name it helps to mattify the skin. 

Obviously I apply this one at night when I've removed all my make-up before I go to bed. Its kind of like a serum/gel consistency and again like the day cream absorbs really well into the skin. Since using this I've really noticed the difference In my skin when I wake up as It feels soft and smooth now instead of oily. 

Since using this range daily I have noticed that my pores have visibly reduced and I have fewer blemishes and red areas. I've also been able to stop wearing foundation everyday and just stick to concealer around my eye area which has been great as it takes less time in the morning and has probably given my skin a well deserved break! I would highly recommend trying this range out particularly if you suffer with oiliness as It really does help to re-balance the skin.  

Please let me know what you thought of this post, maybe you've tried some of these products or a new skin care range? If so leave me a comment below..

Ash x


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