Sunday, 29 September 2013

Freshers: Make-Up in 3 Minutes

So you've just woken up late for your 9am lecture disorientated and slightly drunk from the night before. For boys its pretty easy to chuck on some clothes and go straight out the door, for girls its slightly more complex. Firstly you have to accept that you will not look your best no matter what cause lets face it, who the hell does when they're hungover?

However there is a way to get ready quickly and efficiently and be on time for your lecture. You will have probably seen 1000's of 3 minute make-up challenges on YouTube and not really thought they would ever apply to real life but it really does. So I'm here to show you (via photos cause I'm far too shy for YouTube) how to do your make-up in 3 minutes.

I did actually time myself doing this last week and no that doesn't make me weird it just means I'm dedicated.

So to start, If you think you have time to shower great because you probably smell like sweat, shame and Jagerbombs. If not you'll just have to rely on 'a shower in a can' also known as deodorant and body spray, do however wash your face and most importantly take off last nights hoe make-up.

Once that's out the way and you've thrown some clothes on and tied you're hair into a style that says 'I had zero time to do my hair today' you're ready for the face.

You're not gonna have time to do the full works so I've stripped it down the the basics, here I'm using my collection lasting perfection concealer from my last post and my  Real Techniques expert face brush. I've applied and blended it to my under eyes to cover any dark circles and on any spots, blemishes or redness. You can and should obviously take time to prep your skin but this will add extra minutes that you may not have!

No time for foundation, Its straight on to powder. If you're running to a lecture this could be essential as nobody likes a shiny sweaty face. Again I'm using a real techniques brush, and the Maybelline fit me powder. I am also aware I have only painted the nails on one hand, this is because I get impatient and can't sit still waiting for them to dry so I always do one hand, do some other stuff then go back to the other hand. And admittedly that probably does make me weird.

 A quick bit of contouring using Bare Minerals  ready bronzer in the high dive and adding colour to my cheeks using Mac blusher in Blazing Haute.

I've completed the look with my Bare Minerals flawless defintion mascara and my trusty Maybelline baby lips lip balm in peach kiss which smells amazing! So there you have it, how to look not your best in 3 minutes. If you have that extra bit of time you can always add in eyebrows and eyeliner but for 3 minutes I don't think it looks half bad.

If you're a fresher and would like to read more stuff like this or have any questions whether it be about beauty and fashion or more lifey stuff please comment below or click the little envelope in the top corner to email me directly.

Thanks for reading..

Ash x

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