Monday, 12 August 2013

Home Salvation


Because of my keen interest in music, mainly of the alternative genre I will often attend lots of small gigs particularly around the Cambridge or Suffolk area. So I thought I'd write about a band from Haverhill that I've seen a lot over the last year or so called Home Salvation.

I first saw Home Salvation back in August 2012 at PJ McGintys in Ipswich, and since then I've seen them countless times. The band consists of lead singer Ben Perrett, Will Howe - guitar and vocals, Dan Effendi - lead guitar, Aaron Groom - Drums and Jay Heightman -Bass and Vocals.
If you're into your hard rock/punk, like the word 'fuck' and are partial to the odd mosh pit then Home Salvation are definitely a band worth seeing.

Ben is well known for his physical stage antics and interacting with the crowd, and the rest of the band are no exception to this. Although personally I don't tend to get involved In any moshing, I love it when a band can get involved with the crowd and encourage a real atmosphere. I find this particularly impressive as many starting out bands will know, you'll more than often be playing to really small crowds.

Although a young line up, Home Salvation present talent and energy far beyond their years, and have grown in confidence. They are a true spectacle to watch and I hope that with more gigs on the horizon and new track releases they receive the recognition they deserve.

At present they're currently booked for 25th of October at the Corner House pub in Cambridge and the 30th of October at the Steamboat Tavern in Ipswich, but more than likely will have gigs before these dates. For more info on Home Salvation including gig/tour dates and new releases visit their facebook page and twitter by clicking on the links, and to listen to some of their tracks click here.

For all inquiries including booking Home Salvation for gigs or tours please email

I hope you've enjoyed reading my post, here are some of the photo's I took at a couple of their recent gigs in Cambridge and Norwich, apologies for the poor picture quality!

Ash x

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