Friday, 16 August 2013

Festival Essentials

So its V festival this weekend and Reading the weekend after, and as a relatively experienced festival goer I thought I'd share some of my festival essentials (by this I mean what you NEED). Some of them I've purchased, and some things I've already acquired over time so I've done a bit of online browsing to find some of  the best deals.


Left to Right: Treseme hairspray 100ml, Simple eye makeup remover 50ml, Simple light moisturiser 50ml, Batiste dry shampoo in tropical
Miniature products are a great way to save on space when you're packing for a festival.Even now I still manage to over pack every year and instantly regret it because there is always so much queuing to get into the camp site, and doing this with a heavy bag is not the one! I picked up the miniature hairspray, eye make up remover and dry shampoo in a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug and the small moisturiser in Primark for £1.

Left to Right: Pump bottle 100ml, toothbrush holder, travel bottle 100ml.
 I love the invention of travel bottles, they make it so easy to take just the right amount of product you need for a short holiday or weekend away. This is particularly good when it comes to festivals so you don't have to take whole bottles of your favorite skin care products and risk loosing or ruining them. I also thought the toothbrush holder was a nice idea so I can protect my toothbrush from the mud! All items were £1.59 each but again were on a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug.

Early days baby wipes twin pack & carex aloe vera hand gel
 If you've ever been to a festival before you will know how much of a life saver these two items are. As you can imagine the toilets are not the nicest and with 1000's of people using them for 3 days, the thought of how many bums have been on those seats is too much to bare! So the baby wipes are great for wiping loo seats and handles and the sanitiser gel to keep my hands germ free. I also tend to use them to freshen up as not all festivals are equipped with nice showers and sometimes its actually more unhygienic to use the shower then it is to slum it! I purchased the twin pack of wipes for £1 from Primark and the hand sanitiser for 99p at Superdrug.

Essential Fashion

Topshop: £25.00

Asos: £16.00
Urban Outfitters: £28.00

I have been looking for a decent bum bag everywhere, but as usual I've left it all to the last minute so all the bargains are sold out everywhere and I'm gonna have to order one of these offline. However if you do have a local Primark and you need one of these, they did stock them for about £4.  Bumbags used to be something associated with tourists and were considered quite gross but are becoming increasingly popular this summer due to these fashionable twists. I think these would be great for a festival as they are much more safe and secure to have around with you than a side bag. One of my pet peeves from festival going in the past is where I've taken a larger bag people want to put all there stuff in it so you end up carrying a heavy load. I will certainly not be anyone's camel this year and will have much more fun dancing around without worrying about my side bag flying everywhere.

River Island: £13.00 £8.00
Pac a macs are a festival must have in the great british weather, although most festival stands will provide basic macs quite cheaply those ones are like wearing giant condoms. I managed to scout a few cheap high street pac a macs today but I already have one from last year. If you are still in the market for a cheap fashionable mac H&M do them for about £5.00 and Primark stock them for about £9.00.

Topshop: £26.00

River Island £55.00

Office: £25.00

Office: £10.00

A decent pair of wellies is essential when trawling through the mud and left over food. I got mine a few years ago from an outlet shoe shop for about £25.00. Office have quite a few fun prints left in their sale however if you're more into your named brands they do basic Hunters from as cheap as £25.00. I love River Islands studded design but I'm not sure I'd be willing to part with £55.00 on a pair of wellies. Again if you want to travel light you can purchase wellies at the festival but you will probably get some in the summer sales at a fraction of the cost. 

Primark Knee Highs: Both £2.50

I always pack plenty of knee high socks every year to wear with my wellies. Primark do a range of styles from plain to patterned  and are all really cheap. The ones with the stripes remind me of the classic design American Apparel sell but for a fraction of the cost. If you're feeling slightly more frivolous I'd highly recommend Jack Wills as they do some great quality knee high socks that fit right in with festival fashion.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about some of my festival essentials. Are you going to any festivals or already been to any this year? If so what are your essential/survival items? Please leave me a comment. 

Thanks, Ash x

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