Monday, 24 June 2013

Going Back My Roots...

As you will have noticed from this charming photo, I'm attempting to grow out my blonde hair. I know you're now probably thinking why not just dye it back brown, but I've put so much colour and bleach on my hair over the years I want to try and be a little kinder and let it grow out as much as I can bare. 

Since my roots are pretty dark I wanted to do something to make it slightly more bareable. Recently I came across John Frieda Sheer Blonde, Go Blonder which claims to be a controlled lightening spray. Although I'm aiming to grow my roots out I wanted to try this product to see If it would help lighten my roots slightly to make the contrast less dramatic. 

John Frieda Sheer Blonde, go blonder 100 ml RP: £6.99

I washed and conditioned my hair as normal and towel dried it, till it was more damp than wet. I then sectioned my hair and sprayed liberally concentrating on the roots and combing downwards. Once I'd done my whole head I sprayed extra on the top of my head where the roots are most prominent. 
I then used my Tigi S factor flat iron spray heat defender and dried thoroughly with a hair drier. 

Admitedly at first i noticed very little difference but on  closer inspection i noticed my roots had turned from a really dark/almost black looking brown to a choclate brown with thin blonde streaks. The product does state it may take a few attempts to see dramatic lightening but i have to say I am pretty impressed with the results. 

I would definitely recommend this product to people who are struggling with the costly upkeep of bleached hair so need to brighten up the blonde and disguise the roots between hair colourings, especially as the spray comes at the bargain price of £6.99 and is reusable. Much cheaper than a trip to the hairdressers!
I'd also say it's pretty good at making growing out roots a little more bareable although I'm not sure how satisfied I'd be in the long run. 

I'd also recommend using a conditioning treatment after using this product as although this is only a lightening spray, it still contains peroxide. I use the John Frieda sheer blonde, blonde hair repair conditioning treatment. 

If you purchase from your local boots store now, the John Frieda sheer blonde range is included in the buy 1 get 1 half price.

I hope you enjoyed my quick post today, If you have tried the product yourselves or have any advise on growing out your hair, please comment below and tell me what you thought. 

Thanks Ash x


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